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Antiracism Education & Training

white supremacy
from the inside out



To help end racism in America by creating dedicated healing spaces and services for non-Black individuals and organizations committed to
acting in genuine antiracist allyship.

Trauma-Infomed Services


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We use trauma-informed methods to help dismantle internalized racism

North Node is a small team of abolitionist activists and trauma therapists (en route to PhD) with 6+ years of experience conducting therapy, writing, speaking, and researching holistic healing methods for community and individual health. We apply this unique combination of humanity-based expertise to combating one of the biggest ills of our society today: white supremacy. 

Why North Node?

Dismantling white supremacy is our
"true North"

In astrology, the North Node is a part of the sky that symbolizes one's destiny, purpose, highest good, or the path to follow.

We are a purpose-driven organization, that is guided by the awareness that white supremacy is one of (if not THE) greatest contributors of trauma, suffering, and separation among our society. We therefore believe it is our HIGHEST CALLING to work to dismantle the toxic effects of white supremacist delusion. 

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Why north node?

What are people saying?

"Loved the facilitator - compassion is so important - thank you for modelling that" 

Workshop attendee

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