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Personal & Organizational Consultation

Your journey to embodying antiracist allyship as unique as you are! Get personalized guidance for your individual or organizational needs from our team of abolitionist activists and trauma therapists.

1 hour /

*sliding scale

Personal & Organizational Consultation


Get tailored advice and guidance on how to further
YOUR allyship journey.

Every individual and organization is unique, and therefore has unique avenues for learning and growing in antiracist allyship. Work with our team of abolitionist activists and trauma therapists to curate YOUR UNIQUE ALLYSHIP PLAN.

>> Perhaps you took the workshop, and would like some 1-on-1 guidance on how to implement the outlined methods of allyship in your life.

>> Perhaps you are a member of an organization that says it's committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, but still needs work acting as such.


>> Perhaps you want to bring antiracist education into your family, spiritual community, or other social groups

We got you!

We will listen to you with openness and compassion, and work with you to create an action plan that feels doable and empowering for wherever you are in your allyship journey. There is no wrong place to start. We do recommend, however, that you take the workshop before booking a private consultation, so you can get a sense for our approach and how it might fit with your needs.

We price on a sliding scale based on your individual income and intersectional privileged status. Use the chart below to identify your appropriate fee. If you are consulting on behalf of an organization who will pay your fee, pay higher on the sliding scale.

*Note: If your consultation leads to a speaking engagement, we will deduct the cost of the consultation from the speaking fee.

Consultation Sliding Scale.png
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