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Embodying Antiracist Allyship Workshop

This workshop uses trauma-informed techniques to educate you about what it takes to be a genuine antiracist ally. You will be compassionately guided through a transformational experience that will give you a method for how to be antiracist in your daily life.

2 hours / $0 - 35

Workshop for Non-Black Individuals

Embodying Antiracist Allyship_Eventbrite.png

Discover a new way to approach racism in America with radical compassion and community support.

  • Does racism in America make you feel overwhelmed by sadness, guilt, or horror, yet also confused about what to do?

  • Do you want to consider yourself an antiracist ally, but aren’t exactly sure what that means or looks like?

  • Do you want to have different conversations about race in the United States, and don’t know where to start?

Many well-intentioned, caring, non-Black people LIKE YOU affirm that Black Lives Matter. Yet, in order for the lives of Black Americans to be TREATED like they matter in daily practice across this entire country, change needs to happen in the hearts, minds, and lives of non-Black Americans first.

Join us in learning and doing what it really takes to combat white supremacy.


This is a space for non-Black people to do the real work of dismantling their racism. You will be invited to awaken to painful truths about the white supremacist beliefs that operate within yourself and the spaces you occupy. With radical compassion and self-acceptance, you will be guided on the first steps of a lifelong journey of dismantling these destructive and traumatizing systems of belief and power.

What’s Included?

  • Welcoming & safe space to talk about hard stuff with other aspiring anti-racist allies

  • Grounding and heart-opening meditation

  • Watch 2 videos to help us learn the truth of the matter: What we need to be talking about

  • Intuitive journaling and private reflection

  • Group discussion and sharing of personal thoughts and feelings

  • Education on how to understand & approach racism from a trauma-lens

  • Heart-centered intention-setting and accountability planning

The workshop will be led by Angelina F. Gómez, M.A.

Next workshop:

Sunday, November 12, 2023, 4-6pm (EST)


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