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Embodying Antiracist Allyship Course

This course follows up on the workshop, so prior attendance at a workshop is required. With a small group of aspiring allies, you will be guided in using trauma-informed methods to heal from white supremacy. You will be supported in building awareness, accountability and action within yourself and your community.

Course for Non-Black Individuals

$150 / 6 weeks

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The workshop was just the beginning...

Many people who took the workshop left with a new sense of clarity and a refined focus on how to approach acting in genuine antiracist allyship. However, they wanted more support and accountability in continuing to use the methods laid out in the workshop.

The course will help you truly embody allyship in your daily life!

Join fellow aspiring allies in a compassionate community of people "doing the work" to extract the talons of internalized white supremacy from their bodies, minds, and communities. See below for the meeting & topic agenda!

The course will be led by Angelina F. Gómez, M.A.

What’s Included?

  • A compassionate community of other aspiring allies supporting each other in healing their racial trauma, and doing real work

  • Expert guidance on how to use trauma-informed methods to heal your internalized white supremacy

  • Regular accountability to help antiracist action become a part of your daily life

  • Specially-curated education and inspiration, to help us understand where we came from, and clarify where we want to go

  • Personalized, individual support from Angelina and North Node's team of trauma therapists throughout the course - on call when you need us!

Course Activities


This course will consist of six 1.5-2 hour meetings. Meetings will be formatted similarly to the workshop, and will go in depth on the topics introduced. There will be a small amount of between-session "homework" including reading, watching videos, and self-tracking.

  • Each session will include at least one grounding, mindfulness, or somatic practice.

  • Specially curated information - including history, emotion and communication skills-development, and psychoeducation will be presented each session.

  • A large portion of session time will be spent with group discussion.

  • There will be scheduled opportunities for willing participants to share their personal story with racism & allyship, and receive healing and support from the group.

  • Select sessions will include role-playing in small groups to practice having important and difficult conversations.

  • We will be reading portions of "My Grandmother's Hands" by Resmaa Menakem and "Non-Violent Communication" by Marshall Rosenberg. Purchasing these books is optional (but strongly recommended!)


The course is offered for just $150! This cost covers all course activities, including personalized access to Angelina if you need extra support between sessions. The only additional cost will be the optional purchase of the two books we will be reading from (not required - photocopies of selected readings will be provided). Read more about North Node's financial accountability here

Starting November 2022!

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